Ultrasonic leak detection.

Air/gas leak detection is made easy with the FLUKE ii900 which has an array of microphones capturing sound waves coming from a leak and converting that into an image overlaid into a visual image. Inspection time is quicker and more reliable than traditional listen and feel and soapy water detection methods.

• Compressed air leaks
• Pressure gas leaks
• Corona
• Partial discharge

• Do more with the same air compressors
• Ensure proper air pressure
• Lower energy costs
• Improve reliability of production line
• Validate repairs on the spot

• Condensate traps
• Shut-off valves
• Fittings and pipe joints
• Filters, regulators and lubricators (FRL) units
• Disconnects
• Hoses
• End-use equipment
• Missing O-rings

• Directionality
• Distance from leak
• Orifice shape
• System pressure


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